Community Service Award Winners

The Community Service Award has been awarded to an active member of The Junior League of Austin on an annual basis since 1991. The award is presented to a woman who has continued to demonstrate and promote volunteerism into the community beyond their current responsibilities within the League.

Stacy Turlington Dollar 2012

Casie K. Wenmohs 2011

Erika Wells Herndon 2010

Julie Monday Ballard 2009

Jennifer Piskun Johnson 2008

Paula Chaney 2007

Beth Harms Plater 2006

Amber Carden 2005

Karen Kahan 2004

Laura Ladewig Mauro 2003

Carol Covert Crowley 2002

Lanette Lehnertz Smith 2001

Catherine Hill Camillone 2000

Laura Wolf 1999

Sheri Shelby Krause 1998

Caroline C. Jones 1997

Beth Daniel Voorhees 1996

MariBen Ramsey 1995

Dianne Dies Schoch 1994

Laurie Granger Hall 1993

Missy McCrary Gray 1992